LeaderSHIP 2015

With LeaderSHIP 2015 the European shipbuilding industry has initiated a sector-specific response to the EU’s longer term strategy for economic, social and environmental renewal as first brought forward by the European Council in Lisbon in March 2000.

With a bottom-up approach involving a comprehensive list of industrial players, CESA developed an industry road map for a successful future. On this basis, a High Level Advisory Group consisting of leading personalities in the field – major companies, industry associations and trade unions, seven European Commissioners with responsibilities that relate to shipbuilding and two leading Members of the European Parliament proposed 30 policy recommendations. In this way, an ambitious programme was put on track to ensure the long-term prosperity of the European shipbuilding industry in a dynamic growth market. The implementation process swiftly delivered fruitful results. The key policy considerations have remain fully valid also today.

LeaderSHIP therefore continues to provide the ideal platform to reflect and implement the goals defined in the Europe 2020 Strategy by Commission President Barroso.

LeaderSHIP has proven to be an efficient approach for identifying lines of action, aiming to enhance the industry's vibrancy, dynamism, and world-wide competitiveness, and with it securing sustainable growth. Through LeaderSHIP the specific conditions resulting from the unique characteristics of the shipbuilding sector are taken into consideration.

Thus LeaderSHIP 2015 has served as a good example of an effective European industrial policy on sectoral level based on which several other sectors from automotive to chemicals, from wood industries to electrical equipment have established their sectoral policy initiatives.

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